A white, shiny and impressive smile in just a hour!

Why White Teeth?

White teeth are one of the most important signs that highlight our smile, health and ensure that we have an attractive and aesthetical outlook.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching, is the process by which the colored organic and inorganic materials covering the porous enamel layer of teeth are dissolute by teeth bleaching gels. Bleaching is carried out for the colorings which penetrated through the porous layer and cannot be wiped out by brushing.

Why do teeth get colored?

There are many factors leading to the coloring of the teeth. Some examples of these factors are poor brushing; chromogens caused by diet; bacteria layer on the surface of the teeth; teeth exposure to trauma; coloring food such as tea, coffee and red wine; coloring caused by genetic factors; antibiotics used in childhood; teeth tissue diseases; root treatments and colorings caused by amalgam fillings.


How is bleaching done?

We carry out a dental cleaning process in order to remove the dental plaque and tartar. Then we use one of the below mentioned methods for bleaching treatment.

  • Home Bleaching: We prepare a special bleaching plaque for our patient after having his/her dental measures. The patient starts the bleaching process by adding the bleaching agent into this plaque and placing it around his/her teeth. We advice that our patients place this plaque before going to bed, at night. After a treatment of seven to ten days, the patient has white and shiny teeth.
  • Office Bleaching: This is a much more quick responding bleaching process than home bleaching. The dentist applies the previously mentioned bleaching agent to the patient’s teeth. The patient leaves the clinic with white and shiny teeth approximately after AN HOUR.

How long does the whiteness go on for?

You can use your white teeth for approximately 2 to 4 years. But in fact, it depends on your drinking habits, smoking habits, and age and mouth hygiene.