Surgical Tooth Extraction

Teeth which cannot be saved by proper treatment need to be extracted

This operation is done under anesthesia. Some teeth, especially those called wisdom teeth, may be stuck impacted in the jaw bone and they have to be removed by surgery, patient being under local anesthesia. Those teeth which cannot grow up to the surface of the gums despite they are ripe enough are called impacted teeth.

Third large grinders (also known as wisdom teeth) are the most common type of impacted teeth. If there is not enough space in the mouth for the third large grinders to grow up and the patient is older than twenty five years; the teeth may be safely considered as “impacted”.

Sometimes these teeth partially grow, but they can never reach the full length. If your third grinding teeth have the same problem, you can get informed about the process and get your impacted teeth extracted before experiencing pain, swelling, infection, tooth decay and gingival diseases.

Surgical Toothextraction